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HELD AT ALBERTON CASE No ______________

IN THE MATTER OF: Mr Joe Debt councillor APPLICANT

NCRDC 000 and ID No 820420 9999 999

AND Mr Joe Citizen 1st Respondent

ID NO 820420 9999 999

Mrs Joe Citizen 2nd Respondent

ID no 820430 9999 999

Nedbank Ltd (Ackermans A-Plus Card) 3rd Respondent

ASA Bank Ltd (Credit Card) 4th Respondent

ABSA bank (Personal Loan) 5th Respondent

African Bank (Personal Loan) 6th Respondent

Capitec Bank (Personal Loan) 7th Respondent

Direct Axis (Personal Loan) 8th Respondent

EDCON (Pty) Ltd (Edgars Retail Card) 9th Respondent

Motor Finance Corporation (Vehicle Finance) 10th Respondent

I-Care Optometrist 11th respondent




Section 87 (1) (b) (ii) of the NATIONAL CREDIT ACT 34 of 2005

It is ordered:


1.That the estate of the 1st Respondent/Consumer be declared over-indebted in terms of the national Credit Act 34 of 2005.


  1. That the obligations to credit providers listed hereunder be re-arranged as follows;

(a) In terms of Section 87 (1)(b) ii) as ordered by the Court

A New Monthly Estimated

CREDITOR Account No Interest Instalment Balance PeriodMnths

I-Care Optometrist xxxx 0% R80 R3817.99 19


(b) In terms of Section 86 (8) as consented to by Credit Provider listed.

A New Monthly Estimated

CREDITOR Account No Interest Instalment Balance PeriodMnths

Nedbank xxxx 9% R109 R5251.03 60


  1. That payments to the credit provider as re-arranged be made by HYPHEN , a payment distribution agency, on the 1st day of every month.


  1. That none of the existing rights and obligations of the original credit agreements have herewith been waived or amended.


  1. That the rights and obligations as referred to in (4) above, will be revived and be fully enforceable should the 1st Respondent/Consumers default in terms of this court order.


  1. That all parties bear own costs for this application.


Dated at ALBERTON on this the _________day of ________________, 2014




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